Photo of Jacqui Pack

Star and Crescent used my poem Grapefruit during September 2016 as part of their 'Star POems' series, featuring work from writers with a connection to the English 'PO' postal code.


I had the honour of being the first contributor to Strange Poetry, when Clifting appeared on their website in August 2016.


From The Church of Oulipo, an experimental prose poem, was featured in Synaesthesia's Nonsense themed issue, published in February 2014.


Six of my poems, Grapefruit, Secundigravida, Martyr, True Love, Mother Goose and Versification, were published during 2013 by Strong Verse.

Shakespearean Sky Sonnet was published in Poetica Victorian (Volume 1, Issue 2) during the autumn of 2011.


Three of my poems appeared in First Edition magazine.  A sonnet, Nothing But the Best is Good Enough, featured in July 2009 (Issue 5), while the humorous Mr & Mrs S Claus and Ned’s Christmas Letter appeared in March 2010 (Issue 10).   






Every picture tells a story ...

Tilly, a brindle dog with white socks and chest at 10 weeks old.
Tilly as a puppy
Standing on wet sand that reflects the sky, three wetsuited figures carrying surfboards walk towards the sea.
My family
View of Godrevy Lighthouse, Cornwall
Where I'd rather be ...
A pair of Black Watch Tartan Dr Martens boots.
My fabulous, but practical, footwear
Tilly the dog, sunning herself in a comfy garden chair.
Tilly, fully grown

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